Wednesday, September 30, 2015


What are people saying about Airplay?

"Airplay - Words alone cannot describe this GREAT entertainment for young and old alike. If you want smiles on your audience's faces- AIRPLAY AIRPLAY AIRPLAY. 
-- Ellicottville Children 1st Fest, Tom O'Connor 

"Great vibe! Awesome interaction with the audience! Genuine professionals who extended their hands, hearts, juggling pins, and honor to an audience who loved them! A million smiles! Great magnetism! Easy to work with! Great showmanship!"
-- Cool Kids, Steve Appleton 

"You captivated our K-4 audience. Of course, the unicycles were the best! You have a great routine. We were looking for a "circus theme" program for our "I Love to Read" month and your show fit the bill perfectly. You were both great!"
-- Southern Cayuga Schools, Marilyn Mann 

"I spoke to several people and they all agreed that you put on a PHENOMENAL show for the boys. We had torch bearers from the Summer Olympics, beekeepers, and birds of prey, but this was, by far, the best Blue and Gold entertainment ever!"
--  Cub Scout Pack 137 Mike Rinella

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